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Need Champagne For Your Wedding? A Quick Primer On 4 Different Types Of Champagne

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If you want to serve champagne at your wedding but are not that familiar with the different types of champagne, here is a quick review and primer for the four main types of champagne.

#1 Rose

If you are not that into drinking champagne, you may want to consider a rose champagne. Rose champagne is a sweeter type of champagne and is made of a mixture of red and white wines. It Is a great champagne for individuals that are not a big fan of either red or white wine or champagne; it is a great compromise. It typically has a salmon pink color but can be darker in tone.

There are currently a lot of vineyards that create rose champagne, so it should be easy to source some affordable rose champagne for your wedding.

#2 Brut

If you want to have true French champagne at your wedding, chances are that it is going to be a brut champagne. Brut champagne is dry champagne that does not contain a lot of sugar. There are three different types of brut champagne. Brut natural doesn't have any sugar in it, whereas extra brut has a little sugar added, and  brut has the most sugar added out of the three styles, although the amount of sugar in a brut champagne is still significantly less than other types of champagne.

Brut champagne is designed for a very refined palate that really enjoys champagne. The flavor can vary a lot from one type of brut to another, so be sure to sample a few types before ordering a large quantity for your wedding.

#3 Extra-Dry

Extra-dry champagne is actually not as dry as brut champagne because it has a little more sugar in it and is a slightly sweeter wine than most brut varieties of champagne. This is a great compromise champagne if you know that not all of your wedding guests are huge fans of champagne or have a very refined champagne pallet. This is a type of champagne that many of your guests will most likely enjoy.

#4 Demi-Sec

The final type of champagne is demi-sec. It is a champagne that is sweeter than brut and extra-dry champagne but not as sweet as rose champagne. This type of champagne often tastes really sweet and is best paired with the dessert that you serve at your wedding. It is not great for serving with dinner or appetizers though because it is so sweet.

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