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Celebrate Your Upcoming Anniversary With Wine, Cheese, Music, And An Ocean Breeze

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If you and your partner's anniversary is rapidly approaching and you would like to treat them to a romantic time at a seaside resort, the following tips will assist you with planning a getaway that is memorable and relaxing and that will demonstrate your undying devotion to your loved one. 

Serve Wine And Cheese On The Terrace

Order a couple bottles of handcrafted wine from a reputable online wine dealer, like Chankaska Winery. Once the bottles arrive, stash them in a picnic basket or piece of luggage that you will be bringing along on the trip to the resort. Also pack wine glasses, several varieties of cheese, a cutting board, a knife, a tablecloth, folding table and chairs, and a pleasantly-scented candle before heading to the resort.

Once you arrive, set up a private sitting area on the terrace by arranging the furniture and draping the table with a cloth. Place the candle in the center of the table and arrange the bottles of wine, glasses, and slices of cheese around it. Fill the glasses with wine and invite your partner to sit down with you. Toast your significant other and speak openly about your love for them. Afterward, enjoy sipping wine and tasting the various types of cheese with your mate.

Play Music Next To A Hot Tub

If the room that you have reserved has a hot tub in it, place a portable stereo on a sturdy surface that is located next to the water feature. Otherwise, locate an indoor or outdoor hot tub at the resort and choose to get in it during a time that nobody is around. Select a radio station that plays easy listening music or opt to play a recording of songs that you have prepared prior to the trip that remind you of your significant other and your strong feelings for them. Break out a bottle of wine that was purchased online and share special moments, professing your love to your partner, as you both indulge in the special beverage.

Give a soft cloth or eye mask to your partner so that they can reduce lighting by covering their eyes. While you both are soaking in the warm water, relax and focus on the soft music. 

Spend Time Walking And Sitting Along The Shoreline

Carry a blanket and flashlight while walking along the shoreline at night with your loved one. Once you both have decided upon a spot that is secluded and appealing, spread the blanket on the ground and ask your partner to sit down with you. As you both feel the ocean breeze and listen to the waves crashng, enjoy the tranquility and each other's companionship.