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Make Your Bottle Of Wine Something A Little Bit Special

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There are many ways to enhance and elevate even the simplest bottle of wine. Whether you are a fan of the varietal or not, these tactics will create something special out of any bottle of wine that you happen to have on-hand.

Some ways to elevate any bottle of wine include:

Fruit it up. Got a bottle of white that isn't your favorite? Add fresh fruit puree to each glass before filling with the chilled wine. This creates a non-sparkling Bellini; you can also add a splash of carbonated water if you prefer the fizz.

Get fancy. Make a champagne cocktail from that bottle of bubbly that has been sitting in your crisper since you got it for a holiday party. Drop a sugar cube, couple dashes of bitters, and a lemon twist to a fluted glass and fill with champagne for a tasty classic.

Make it bubbly. Treat yourself to a simple spritzer on a hot day or with brunch. Typically, a spritzer is made by combining equal parts of white or rose wine and club soda; add a citrus wheel, lemon or lime, to serve.

Get punchy. Make a delicious red wine punch by combining a bottle of red wine with a cup of orange liqueur, lemon slices, orange slices, and berries, if you wish. Chill and serve over ice. You could also add a cup of your favorite brandy if you want your punch to- well, pack a punch.

Create a tasting. Use a couple different bottles of wine to create wine-flights for friends, a party, or a tasting. Line up aperitif glasses, which are basically stemmed shot-glasses, and fill with each of the wines to serve to your guests. Line the glasses up on a counter for easy access or invest in some small trays suitable for serving the flights.

Pair with food. The foods that you serve with a wine can make or break the flavors; some wines simply can't hold up to robust or strongly-flavored foods. Think about pairing rich fatty foods with crisp, dry wines, and heavy, spicy foods with full-bodied reds. Ask the sommelier or wine seller about the best foods and flavors to pair the bottle with when buying.

Elevate and enjoy that bottle of wine that has been taking up space in your kitchen or bar. Make sure to aerate the bottle properly, especially if it is an aged-red wine; simply open and decant the wine for fifteen minutes or so to allow any debris or tannins to settle on the bottom before serving. Try these tips to make your wine something special! For more information, contact companies like JJ Buckley Fine Wines.